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The Lenovo Storage D1224 can handle many different workloads due to its flexibility and capacity. Start with one D1224 enclosure with up to 24x 2.5-inch drives as a simple
simple JBOD drive and later daisy-chain up to 8 enclosures via SAS daisy-chaining as needed.

Optimal price-performance ratio for storage capacity.

D1224 is optimized for top performance at an affordable price. 2.5-inch NL drives offer up to 48 TB for "cold" or archive storage and
384 TB per HBA in 8 enclosures. 12 Gbps SAS drives at 10,000 and 15,000 rpm provide the speed needed for many
compute-intensive workloads, and SSDs provide the high throughput and capacity required by most I/O-intensive tasks.
tasks require. The D1224 uses some of the same components as the D1212 DAS enclosures, so maintenance is simplified
and fewer spare parts are required in stock, which in turn helps reduce costs.

Easy deployment and high availability

New units are simply connected by cable and are immediately brought online (depending on the operating system) with immediate
drive detection. Virtual machines can also use these expansion enclosures. And since storage is pointless if it is not available
online, the D1224 relies on rugged and NEBS3-compliant components with 99.999 percent availability as well as hot-swappable
drives and HS/redundant power supplies for maximum availability. Redundant I/O modules with failover complete the package.

Main features

Product Description Lenovo Storage D1224 4587 - for SAP HANA - Storage Enclosure
Storage enclosure type
Type Rack - mountable - 2U
Number of installed
peripherals/modules 24 (Max)
Supported drives SAS-3
Localization US English / worldwide (excluding China,Japan)
Integrated peripherals 3-port environmental service module (ESM)
Hard disk drive No HDD
Power supply AC 120/230 V - 50/60 Hz
Redundant power supply Yes
Dimensions (width x depth
x Height) 44.3 cm x 63 cm x 8.8 cm
Weight 24 kg
Manufacturer warranty 3 years warranty

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 Lenovo Storage D1224 4587