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Why choose HPE for networking?

Support your edge-to-cloud journey with HPE and Aruba

  •  Get context-specific visibility and control of all domains, easily and efficiently through a unified infrastructure
  •  Provide security for mobility, IoT, and remote workers with complete visibility, control, and enforcement based on zero-trust and SASE frameworks
  •  Artificial intelligence for IT processes reduces average problem resolution time by up to 90%.

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HPE Aruba Router

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HPE Router

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Learn more about Aruba Instant On switches for your wired devices.

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Access Points

Get to know our family of indoor and outdoor access points. Find out which solution meets your needs.



Use environment with medium facility: café with terrace

Your customers (and their devices) entering and leaving your store, employee phones, your POS remote system, speakers, thermostats and small appliances all add up to a lot of activity on your network all at the same time.

With the right network, you'll have excellent coverage both indoors and out. By adding a switch, you can connect devices via Ethernet cable, such as your security cameras. For even more security, set up your network to be available only during business hours.


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