How to give hackers no chance in the home office

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Has home office proven itself in your company in recent months and you would like to continue it? Then you should pay attention to the security of your data! You can read how to do that here.

Home office is also a massive question of security. Ingeborg Dockner, chairwoman of the "Information and Consulting" division at WKNÖ, is now drawing attention to this. "Companies are well advised not only to pay attention to working hours et cetera when it comes to home office, but also to fi x out clear security standards for their data together with their employees." Because, Dockner says, "As home offices continue to grow, criminal attempts by hackers to access data, company secrets and money at companies via home office security vulnerabilities will certainly increase." Encrypt the hard drive So what to do? Data protection expert
Data protection expert Mathias Past, Chairman of Junge Wirtscha NÖ (see also p. 5), offers a first tip: "In the home office, it is particularly important that only company-owned devices with approved software are used. Hard disk encryption should be standard in any case."

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution should be standard when your employees access your company's network from home. The data transfer to and from the company network is encrypted and thus protected from unauthorized access.

Accordingly, the use of external removable media such as USB sticks is a no-go.
Closing open windows However, it is also crucial for secure home offices that employees make sure that only they have access to the computer. The computer must therefore be locked even during short breaks when the employee leaves the workplace. Any open windows must be closed. Sufficient backups, preferably via the company's central systems, are a must.

Regular training
A common security awareness must be created within the company, for example through regular joint training courses. This is the key to success, says Mathias Past: "Secure homeoffi ce can only work if companies, employees pull together and develop a common awareness of data security."

Cyber Security Hotline
The cyber security hotline of the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria is also available to companies in an emergency if they are victims of a cyberattack, a cybercrime attack, ransomware, or other malware.
attack s, of ransomware or encryption Trojans. The hotline is available around the clock and free of charge at 0800/888 133 for rapid initial information and emergency assistance by telephone. In the case of more complex issues and for more extensive assistance, contact is established - if desired - with an IT security company with special expertise in the cybercrime field.
The initial consultation is free of charge. Also with US!

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