Transferring the emails to Exchange Online

The migration of the e-mail service to Exchange Online consists in leaving the previous e-mail environment and installing it on the Microsoft servers. E-mail messages, created folders or rules, in other words the entire content of your mailbox located on the current server along with the directory structure will go to Exchange Online. After exporting the above components, it is also possible to transfer contacts and the calendar entries.

We ensure that the migration process runs smoothly and that day-to-day business does not suffer as a result. The changeover work usually takes place on weekends. The users can benefit from the modern Exchange environment without having to change their passwords or e-mail addresses at the beginning of the following week. Each of them gets a 50 GB mailbox. Depending on the plan chosen, users can also have access to an unlimited archive. With Exchange Online, data loss is no longer a headache! Thanks to data backup, which takes place on six hard disks in the Amsterdam and Dublin centers, your data resources are completely safe.

Migration includes activation, setting up user accounts, assigning a license to them, checking the company domain and email migration from a hosted server. It also includes a hybrid solution consisting of the previous server and the Exchange server, in case some of the users remain on the current server and another part of them is migrated to Office 365. Depending on the plan, it is also possible to implement migration from local servers or integration with the local Active Directory.


  • Subscription activation no matter if Exchange-365, Microsoft-365 or Office 365
  • Verification of the company domain
  • Setup of user accounts
  • Assignment of licenses to users
  • Setup of selected logins and passwords
  • Individual configuration
  • Data migration (e-mails, calendar, contacts)
  • Migration of traffic to Exchange Online
  • Hybrid solution with existing server*
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Execution of tests

*Depending on the current environment and customer needs. 

By choosing EDV-SOLUTIONS for your email migration to Exchange Online, you will receive, among other things:

  • Complete Exchange Online environment
  • Full support of our specialists, thanks to which the process does not interfere with the daily business
  • Changeover process that takes place on weekends when employees are off work
  • New functionalities while maintaining the same directory structure in your inbox, e-mails and passwords, etc.
  • Guarantee of the security of resources

Advanced privacy features (encryption, making it impossible to forward messages or take screenshots, etc.)

Post-implementation support

Discounted prices for training

Migration of e-mail service to Exchange Online

Depending on the number of mailboxes to be migrated, we offer graduated migration tariffs, contact us for a special offer!

Do you have any questions?

The subscription period is indicated on the invoice. You can also contact us; we will tell you the expiration date.


Yes. You will receive notifications 30, 15 and 7 days before the license expires. The last one will be sent to you on the subscription expiration day.


The subscription is suspended on the last day. You can use the Office version for 90 days for reading only. After this time, the stored data will be deleted.