Ontrack PowerCONTRALS for SQL-Server

SQL tables data recovery in seconds

PowerControls for SQL allows you to restore individual tables or rows in minutes instead of hours, without having to make a restore of the entire database. This saves you valuable time and money.

Tables in SQL can be lost at any time

  •     A developer accidentally deletes a table
  •     Incorrect data (e.g. currency) has been entered in a report and needs to be corrected
  •     An administrator accidentally deleted individual rows of tables, causing the entire system to crash

No matter what the problem is, you need to solve it - and as quickly as possible (often with the boss still breathing down your neck).

Search and restore SQL tables in seconds

PowerControls for SQL allows you to restore entire tables or individual rows in minutes instead of hours, without having to do a restore of the entire database.

With PowerControls you can search for and restore tables in a wide range of data sources:

  •     Native SQL BAK files
  •     Offline MDF, LDF and NDF files
  •     Storage snapshots
  •     Stripped, differential and transactional log backups

Tables in SQL can be lost at any time

Ontrack can help you with the daily work (recovery of lost SQL tables). Don't make your life unnecessarily difficult: we have the perfect solution to turn bad days into good ones. With Ontrack PowerControls you can easily restore individual tables from native SQL backups.

The usual methods of SQL server recovery require a restore of the entire database just to restore a single table. What's more, the SQL server must be active during the restore. With Ontrack PowerControls, this process becomes especially easy and time-saving. Restore tables with just a few clicks: from any workstation, backup or snapshot.

Search and restore a table from a database backup in seconds

  • Preview the table before restoring
  • Restore tables without T-SQL or Powershell scripting
  • Copying local SQL tables to a Microsoft Azure database

Tables restore and SQL Server restore

  •     Restore the required table - not the whole database
  •     Preview of table contents before restore
  •     Drag and drop the restored tables directly into the required environment
  •     Restore and restore in minutes instead of hours
  •     Get a much greater return on investment
  •     Support for snapshots, native compressed or uncompressed SQL backups

Restore tables - it's this easy

Open the existing backup (native .bak file or .mdf backup) along with the .ldf log file. Search directly within the software for the lost table or the desired content. Once the item you are looking for is identified, simply connect to the active server via Windows or SQL authentication and drag and drop the table to the desired location.

For questions, information from Power Controls, how to purchase a license, and proper recovery, our specialists, and colleagues at Kroll Ontrack will be happy to assist you, contact us.