Sage ERP

SAGE 100 Solution for your Company

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Enterprise Resource Planning

A multi-talent that saves costs and time

• The automated ordering system provides you with order proposals based on individual planning approaches and replenishment times. This allows you to compare suppliers and place targeted orders.

• Whether warehouse receipts or issues, inventory items or slow-moving items - you have an overview at all times and can also manage different locations and warehouse technologies. - Not only the changes of the local legislation, but also those of the EU are available punctually and reliably via update for your system at any time.

• DMS, xRM, industry and partner solutions or your Sage Online Shop can be seamlessly integrated.
• Whether your articles are variant-related, whether you need to manage serial numbers or batch-specific products - Sage 100 also covers your specific requirements.

And best of all: Data stocks can be transferred to Sage 100 very easily and reliably using a flexible data transfer tool.

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Want to avoid non-payment? Voilà: The system creates reminders for defaulting customers
automatically. And then have no more work to do with it? Here you go: Incoming payments are
immediately and the associated open items are cleared automatically.

Would you like to be covered by law?

But of course! Changes are integrated on time via update.
You need separate accounting for several subsidiaries, business units or branches?
Here we have something: A multi-client capable module with accounting and evaluation groups.

The Accounting module offers you the complete range of services of modern accounting - and thus perhaps the decisive competitive advantage.
Extended accounting and evaluation areas.

Modular structure

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Our integration partner will take care of the rest.

Professional Service Vertrag

Up to date with security. As a leading manufacturer, Sage is constantly adapting to external influences. Together with users, testers and developers, the existing programs are constantly
programs are constantly updated and further developed
- in the interest and for the benefit of all Sage customers....

Only through regular updates (e.g. optimizations in program parts) and upgrades your software runs permanently with the necessary security you require for your company. Thus the
the value of your software. Individual adaptations are excluded from the maintenance contract.

The advantages of the Professional service contract
• Your software remains value-protected - year after year!
Thus you secure your investment, because your software is always up to date!
The service contract covers the provision of changes to the supported products ("updates") including the addition of documentation at least once per calendar year.
• But the Professional Service offers even more!

Upgrades are also provided during the term of the contract.
Upgrades are technical enhancements and/or functional extensions without changing the essential program-technical fundamentals (e.g. program structure, programming language)
and functionalities.
This means that your software is not only legally compliant.

Take care of the essentials.

100% Integrated

1. 100% Integrated

Seamless functional extension of Sage 100 and thus familiar

2. Advanced business processes
New functions to enhance business processes

3.  Flexible deployment options Individual requirements with the help of flexible tools 

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Explore customers

Who makes the biggest sales, which orders are not yet fulfilled, who has a bad
payment behavior? The Control Center creates transparency.

Screen products
Sales of individual products or entire product groups, the development of inventories, or
"Work in Progress" - from now on you have all key figures under control.

Control quality

Whether delivery date overruns, returned deliveries, order cancellations or discount development - at the push of a button
you can check all quality criteria.

Examine performance
Is the ratio of sales to expenses correct?
Simply compare any key figures with each other or have a balance sheet or income statement item
P&L item over time.

The standard software that adapts to you

A contradiction in terms, but that's exactly what's important to us: that you can benefit from the cost efficiency of standard software and at the same time customize it so that each workstation has access to exactly the functions and data it
and data that they really need.
And not only today, but also in the future:
Thanks to its modular and scalable design, the system can be adapted to changing structures and processes at any time.
As you can see, Sage 100 has only one goal: to give you the security and freedom to realize your business goals.
Sage 100 adapts to your needs.

• You simply adapt Sage 100 as business processes change.

• You get complete control over processes and resources.

• You and the goals you set determine how your employees work.

• You get an ERP solution that can be implemented during ongoing operations without much effort.


More customers - more salesYou want to make more sales quickly and easily?
It's simple: While you take care of your existing business as usual, your "new" customers order at the same time via your.

Sage Webshop.

At any time and from anywhere in the world! Professional, flexible, uncomplicated.
Almost all products and services can be offered and sold via the Internet. Those who get it right benefit from immense time and cost advantages.

So that you can get off to a professional start right from the start and take advantage of all the benefits of online commerce, we have developed the Sage 100 Webshop.
trade, we have developed the Sage 100 Webshop: The webshop is fully integrated into Sage 100 and structured in such a way that you can
can get started after just a few minutes.
Quickly set up, immediately found You can easily design and set up your webshop on your own. An assistant guides you step by step
step by step through all the necessary settings and ensures that your web store is easily found in the vastness of the Internet. In addition, Sage Webshop already integrates
comprehensive marketing tools, such as search engine optimization and marketplaces.

This gives you the most important tools to increase your sales success.
• Search engine optimization (SEO) - so will.

You found on Google quite quickly.
• Internet marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay,, MeinPaket, Idealo.
• Presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) by click.

Fully integrated Sage Webshop

The Internet is huge. So are your sales opportunities.

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Detect deviations at an early stage

Due to the concurrent calculation, you are always in the picture and can take countermeasures in good time if profitability is at risk.

Factor in customer satisfaction

With the product configurator you can also implement special requests without costs getting out of control.

Plan safely

The graphical resource planning compares the required capacities with the available capacities of your resources at a glance.

Simple project control

Thanks to the intuitive graphical resource planning, you always maintain an overview.

Never again bottlenecks

Production orders automatically trigger material or purchase order requirements.

Prevent missed deadlines
Detailed production order overviews inform you about the current degree of completion of your orders.

Stress-free outsourcing

The external production module controls the outsourcing of orders and monitors the material stock at the supplier.

Fully integrated

Merchandise management, accounting and production ensure maximum transparency of your entire value chain.