Rapid return on investment (ROI)

  • Whether manufacturing, trade or service - our ERP system is thoroughly geared to the requirements of medium-sized businesses.
  • A holistic concept, modular structure, latest technology. If desired, also from the cloud.
  • This makes it possible for companies to map, control and optimize their entire value chain.
  • Our claim is to quickly generate added value for the business with a solution centered on medium-sized companies. To support business processes, identify optimization potential and generate growth.
  • An ERP system is an investment. And for us, a good investment includes a fast ROI.

Which ERP system to implement?

When selecting an ERP system, you are faced with an initially confusing selection of providers and systems. You will gain clarity as soon as you compare the solutions on the market with your individual needs.

SMEs have special requirements in terms of scope of services, functions and ERP processes, which a suitable enterprise resource planning system must map. Your ERP system should fit the size, organization and structure of your company and meet your requirements in terms of functions and processes. It is true that almost all ERP systems can be adapted to any task via modifications. However, such adaptations are time-consuming and often involve risks - in terms of additional time, costs or updates, for example.

In contrast, with an ERP system that has been specially developed for SMEs, you are relying directly on tried and tested solutions that can be quickly implemented in your company. This is even more true if the solution is specifically tailored to your industry.

What is the advantage of an industry-specific ERP system?

  • Each industry has individual, characteristic peculiarities that are reflected above all in special business processes.
  • In this way, medium-sized companies in particular often realize unique selling points in their business that are relevant to competition.
  • An industry-specific ERP system that brings these special features out of the box has a clear advantage.
  • Because best practices that have proven themselves in your industry have already been incorporated into the ERP system. This increases the practical benefits and reduces the effort required to implement the system.

The proALPHA ERP Cloud

There are many good reasons for installing an ERP system as on-premises software in your own data center. And just as many for using an ERP from the cloud.

We therefore offer both. ERP from the cloud is interesting, for example, if you want to quickly connect an additional site or reduce your internal expenses for implementation, maintenance and operation. For maximum security, our cloud ERP runs on high-performance hardware in redundantly secured high-security data centers in Germany. A constellation that IT security specialists recommend, also with regard to data protection and DSGVO.

What about data protection in ERP systems?

Since the DSGVO confronts companies with numerous requirements, the sensitivity for data protection has strongly increased. In principle, an ERP system offers advantages here, because uncoordinated data collection in various places is contrasted with a single secure database.

Important: The provider of the ERP system should be able to prove that all data protection requirements under German law are met. This applies regardless of whether the ERP solution is installed in the company's own data center or whether the ERP manufacturer provides its solution from the cloud.

proALPHA develops in Germany, the country where the provisions of the GDPR and data protection are implemented most rigidly worldwide. You can therefore rely on us to implement future regulations on time in each case.



Learn more about this when you contact us! We are happy to take over the project management as an independent third party for the implementation of the ERP solution with PRO-Alpha!