Bitdefender GravityZone

The integrated platform for security and risk analysis

Prevents, detects and responds to all threats against your business. This way, you monitor your infrastructure seamlessly, are informed about potential risks in a timely manner and can significantly increase your security level with the included tools. Field-tested and proven!

Service Provider
Service provider

Award-winning services whose protection and ease of use are always one step ahead of the competition.




Bitdefender combines all the IT security services that businesses need in its central deployment platform.


 Small and medium enterprises
Small and medium enterprises

This way, even small and medium-sized businesses can protect themselves from all attack threats, whether ransomware or APT.

Product Description

Product comparison

Product comparison

Learn more about our products and find the best cybersecurity solution for your business.

Business Security -30%

Protection, speed and usability.

Elite Security

Multi-layered architecture on a centralized platform.

Advanced Business Security -30%

Security through advanced machine learning.

Security for AWS

Designed specifically for the requirements on Amazon Web Services.

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