Overview of our hardware solutions

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A prerequisite for providing our solutions with the corresponding availability is a reliability and corresponding availability of the hardware. Secured with a Carepack.

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HP-Enterprise Server & Storage

HP Enterprise Server & Storage

As with the clients, we also rely on HP Enterprise for servers and storage, with a CarePack to ensure the high availability of our solutions.

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In addition to HP, Lenovo (formerly IBM) is also one of our brands with high availability and reliability, equipped with a CarePack ensures high availability.


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 Lenovo Server Storage

As with Lenovo clients, Lenovo Server & Storage is also considered to be very reliable and highly available. A CarePack ensures high availability for years.


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Cisco ASA Firewalls

For firewalls, we rely on the market leader Cisco and here on the ASA-X.

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Cisco Switches

Here, too, we rely on Cisco for our switches.

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Cisco W-LAN

We also rely on Cisco for our W-LAN solutions.

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Other monitors printer

Under Miscellaneous you will find accessories such as screens Durcker and Other.



Stock Exchange

Here you can occasionally find HP and Samsung devices, which were exhibited for 2 - 3 months as exhibition and demonstration devices.

Check back often to make sure you don't miss a bargain.

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