Backup -Modern Online Concept

Protect your data with a modern backup plan.

The backup service offers the highest level of security through continuous data transfer on the backup server and permanent monitoring of the functionality of the services. Even in the event of a disaster, access to the data is possible after a short time.

The backup package includes:

  • Storage space for backup/replication
  • Backup box on site
  • Backup monitoring
  • Checking and maintenance

DSGVO regulation - backup concept

Do you know that the GDPR requires a backup concept, which you must present in the event of an inspection by the authorities?
Should you already have a backup concept? Does it also work? To be prepared in case of a worst case scenario. Of course, we also offer you a review of your existing solution.

Online backup concept

As an optimal precaution for a disaster case (K-case), your system with all data will be backed up and/or replicated to a World4You data center in Austria.

Ongoing transfer

To keep the version of the backup as up-to-date as possible, your data is transferred continuously. This service makes it possible to reduce the time window for the backup to a few minutes.

In the event of a disaster, the backup service makes your systems available again within a very short time. A workshop and an annual K-Test are required to define the disaster concept.

Your advantages

  •     Highest security through an efficient online backup concept
  •     The functionality of the services is permanently checked
  •     Access to the complete system is possible even in extreme cases such as fire or water damage
  •     The backup is a forward-looking and cost-effective solution to secure your data.