our Solutions

Our Solutions

- how we can find the right solution for your company

Normally, our approach is to get an overview of your existing systems in the course of a system check.
With this analysis, we create the basis that we jointly create the appropriate solution for your requirements.

This is done in the course of a consulting process, where advantages and disadvantages of one variant and advantages and disadvantages of the other variant are worked out.
The basis with which you can make a decision.

As our guiding principle already says: We turn products into solutions. Depending on the customer's wishes, whether it is only a support in the conception of a migration of an older version to a current one. Or up to a full service and maintenance contract. Or up to WaaS (abbreviation for Workplace as a Service), we offer as desired the expansion stage, which makes sense for your company, and with which you commission us.

A 7/24 producing company has other requirements to the availability of the used hard- and software, and support, than a real estate agent or a small trading company with some employees. For them, for example, it is sufficient to be able to access all resources again on the next working day at the latest.