IT analysis


Review of the current state of your IT

IT infrastructures must be reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain fit for the future. The IT analyses from netzorange show you the status of your IT. Regardless of whether you need documentation of your IT, are looking for optimization options, need an external expert opinion, or want to check your license inventory.


Inventory and optimization potentials with the IT inventory

A structured overview as a basis for well-founded decisions about your IT - this is what the  inventory provides. It is an indispensable step for systematic IT consulting as well as for planning and implementing your upcoming project by means of IT project management.

A  technician analyzes your complete system landscape and creates comprehensive documentation after evaluation. Based on this as-is analysis of strengths and weaknesses, we can provide you with concrete suggestions for optimization. We develop a concept tailored to your needs, which we then discuss with you in detail.

You too will gain many new possibilities for your IT with the inventory.

The process at a glance:

  • Initial meeting: Getting to know each other is important. How old are your systems? What are the "quirks"? What features would you like to see? What do you expect from a new system?
  • Inventory: We list all your hardware and software and talk to you about your licenses.
  • Analysis: A technician examines your entire system landscape: server, network, NAS, UPS, backup, clients. How are you positioned in terms of data security and data protection?
  • Evaluation and concept development: All data is collected in a document and evaluated by the responsible technician. Subsequently, we develop an optimized concept tailored to your needs.
  • Presentation: In a personal meeting on site, we answer your questions about our evaluation. We explain possible weak points and present possible solutions. Upon request, we will prepare a concrete offer for you.

IT audit for the examination of a specific area

Do you need an IT audit that sheds light on a specific aspect of your systems, examines them from a particular point of view? We analyze your IT infrastructure with regard to specific issues and provide you with an expert opinion on the result upon request.

This gives you the certainty that the examined aspect has been implemented correctly or we show you concrete weak points that should be improved.

Support for license plausibility checks

License plausibility checks by manufacturers such as Microsoft can be annoying and time-consuming. In the worst case, it costs you not only time and nerves, but also money, namely when your company is incorrectly licensed. To prevent this, netzorange supports you with an audit.

The costs for software licenses account for up to one third of all costs for the entire IT area in a company. Therefore, they should be controlled constantly and carefully. Both over-licensing and under-licensing can have a negative impact on company expenditures. We analyze your inventory of licenses and then match it with your actual needs.