Data Recovery with Easy Recovery

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Ontrack offers fast and reliable solutions for data recovery

HDD, SSD, recovery from RAID systems, virtual servers, NAS, SAN, SDS, in the cloud or from smartphones

It often happens quite suddenly: important files can no longer be opened, are no longer found or have been deleted. In these cases, rely on our professional data recovery services and software solutions to recover deleted data. Respond quickly when it comes to business-critical data - because the first attempt at data recovery is crucial! With the expertise of over 200 data recovery experts worldwide, over 25 years of data recovery experience, best-in-class technology, and 24/7 customer service, Ontrack is the data recovery company for your exact data loss case. Our data recovery engineers have many years of know-how, self-developed tools and our own research and development department to professionally fix your data loss and perform data recovery. We recover your data in our clean rooms and laboratories, via remote connection or even at your location if the data is particularly confidential. All our employees are committed to data protection.

For questions, information from Power Controls, how to purchase a license, and the right recovery, our specialists, and colleagues from Kroll Ontrack are at your disposal, contact us.