ONTRACK PowerCONTRALS for Exchange

Email Recovery

Ontrack provides software and services to recover deleted email and Exchange mailboxes for consumers and businesses of all sizes. Whether it's individual items, messages or an entire database. Recover deleted mail with software from Ontrack.

Recover deleted mails

Email recovery depends on the storage location.

The success of an email recovery depends very much on where they are stored.

Email software such as Microsoft Outlook stores email data on hardware - laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet or server. Ontrack can successfully recover data from working hardware as well as damaged hardware.

Web-based email solutions store data in the cloud. If you have an additional backup stored on your hardware, then data recovery is possible. If not and you also don't have your login details handy, you should contact your provider directly.

E-mail recovery from tape, recover deleted mails

Identifying which tapes contain emails or mailboxes can become a challenge.

Our experts can quickly identify which media contains which data and recover the data granularly. The data is then delivered in an encrypted .PST format.

Recovering mails from damaged storage media?

If you suspect hardware damage to your storage media, you should consult a data recovery expert as soon as possible.

An improper attempt to extract the email data could cause a permanent data loss and make your emails unreadable.

Recover deleted mails, messages and items.

Mailbox migration and consolidation of emails in mail server environments, or even a configuration change to the network architecture, can lead to the commitment of expensive resources.

Exchange Recovery Tool saves you time, money and effort during migration. Deleted items can be recovered faster and monolithic backups are no longer required.

Recovering deleted items - when to use data recovery software

If your email is on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or server and the hardware is still working properly you could use email recovery software. Ontrack offers a specialized tool for email and Exchange Server recovery - Ontrack PowerControls - for your unique needs.

For questions, information about PowerControls, how to purchase a license, and how to recover properly, our specialists and colleagues at Kroll Ontrack will be happy to help, so please contact us.