Disk and data recovery

 Disk analysis
Disk recovery

You have a failure and your data is gone because your disk seems to be defective! Not everything is lost yet!

It is possible that your data can still be read out in the laboratory.

Hardware solution

If your company is affected by ransomware, do not pay! Follow our tips, if you are already affected, do not pay anyway. 
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 Power Control Easy Recovery
Power Controll Easy Recovery

You have accidentally formatted your camera memory card and lost your photos or other data. Not everything is lost yet! There is Easy Recovery.

 Power Centrols für SQL
Power Centrols for SQL

SQL tables data recovery in seconds

PowerControls for SQL allows you to recover individual tables or rows in minutes instead of hours, without the need to restore the entire...

SQL-Server Datenrettung

 Power Control Easy Recovery
Power Control for Exchange

Email recovery

Ontrack provides software and services for recovering deleted email and Exchange mailboxes for businesses.

Exchange Recovery