Contextually relevant linking of all company data!

This, for example, ensures that a document attached to an e-mail is immediately found not only in the e-mail itself, but also through the recipient, the project, the customer, the appointment, or through anything else that it may be linked to.

The document can not only be found by the mail recipients themselves, but also by all other project participants with the appropriate authorization.

Automation according to your specifications and without redundancies.

Networking of all project data

The basic package

Project management
projectCube: Plan. Coordinate. Evaluate.

Address management
crmCube: Cultivate. Connect. Utilize.

emailCube: Communication. Assignment. Service.

Document management
dmsCube: Store. Allocate. Steer.

Team calendar
calendarCube: Manage. Plan. Remember.

* Task management
taskCube: Organize. Structure. Trace.

The extensions

wawiCube: Create. Track. Process.

mobileCube: On the move. Current. Informed.

meetingCube: Structure. Minute. Track.

cadCube: Manage. Track. Understand.

Additional benefit GDPR
dsgvoCube: People. Data. Protection.

Time/performance recording
timerecordCube: Effective. Performance. Documentation.

... and many more

* information management: infoCube
* quality management: auditCube
* orchard register: farmCube
* project management: project platform
* insurance brokering: insuranceCube
* synchronization: syncPI


Sol-it Cubes ® help you bring structure and order into your company and permanently retain it. Their most important asset is the contextually relevant linking of all your corporate knowledge. Although the information is stored only once, it is simultaneously available in several different places, so you can always find the document you’re searching for, no matter whether you’re looking at a customer, a project, an appointment, or anything else that is related to it.Are you interested? Then