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There are effective solutions through managed services, especially for WLAN / WAN problems

For WLAN / WAN problems in particular, there are effective solutions through managed services that permanently and proactively monitor the entire wireless infrastructure. With automatic optimization, errors can be excluded and avoided from the outset. This is ensured by the innovative technology of the software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN. And of course security is also very important, which can be covered by effective managed security.

Managed services are therefore becoming more and more important and in demand in the SME environment. But what exactly are managed IT services and what are the advantages over operation with your own on-premises resources or outsourcing?

IT managed services are often the better SME solutions

With us you can concentrate on your business.

With us you can concentrate on your business.

Here you can find your managed IT infrastructure.

These are recurring IT services whose type, scope and quality are defined in advance by a service provider or managed service provider (MSP) with the customer in a framework agreement known as a service level agreement (SLA). In contrast to traditional outsourcing, not entire IT departments including personnel are outsourced, but only subareas that are precisely defined in advance. The IT employees themselves usually remain with the customer and are relieved of their other tasks by the services provided by an MSP such as EDV-Solutions, instead of having to change jobs. EDV-Solutions can also bring its great expertise to bear on all aspects of the network. In contrast to classic outsourcing, not entire IT departments including personnel are outsourced, but only sub-areas that are precisely defined in advance. The IT employees themselves usually stay with the customer and are relieved of their other tasks by the services provided by an MSP such as EDV-Solutions, instead of having to change jobs. EDV-Solutions can also throw its great expertise in all aspects of the network into the balance.

Everything from a single source instead of a complex hodgepodge

The driving force behind the increasing demand for these MSP services is the increasing complexity in IT and in company networks, which is also due to the fact that the trend is towards the use of private, public or hybrid clouds. This is because, despite the attractiveness of cloud solutions, companies are also becoming more vulnerable and have to upgrade on the security front. Managed services are a good alternative, especially for small and medium-sized companies, to the on-prem operation with their own hardware and software or to outsourcing. But large IT providers like Cisco also benefit from this solution because, unlike EDV-SOLUTIONS and other managed service providers, they often do not have the right access to these SMEs.

As an MSP for network solutions, EDV-SOLUTIONS is a leading partner of Cisco for network infrastructure using managed services in small and medium-sized companies. The Cisco portfolio for SMEs comprises a broad spectrum of technologies for networks, wireless and mobility technologies, security, unified communications and collaboration solutions and analytics. As a long-standing Cisco partner, EDV-SOLUTIONS can meet small and medium-sized companies on an equal footing and cater to their individual needs.

EDV-SOLUTIONS offers network infrastructure solutions for SD-WAN as well as effective security as managed services in all-round carefree packages and has created a freely available infographic on how SMEs can achieve a smart, wireless and secure network without bandwidth loss, dropouts or crashes.

Your managed IT infrastructure - simply for monthly rent!

How about if you put your feet up in the evening instead of spending too long with the IT configuration? What if you don't want to hang around on support hotlines for hours? What if instead of having to screw it yourself, you get working hardware installed? What if the best services for you have already been selected - and you can get started right away?


This is now possible: with Managed Service Providing from EDV-SOLUTIONS.

Thanks to automated processes, EDV-SOLUTIONS recognizes problems in your IT infrastructure often before something happens and proactively initiates troubleshooting measures. This is how we secure your IT base in the long term. So that you can concentrate fully on your business. Your IT infrastructure grows with your company. Thanks to advanced technology from Cisco Meraki and automated managed services from EDV-SOLUTIONS.

Your managed IT infrastructure - simply for monthly rent:

  • High Speed SD-WAN / WLAN / LAN
  • Proven Cisco technology
  • Stress-free, scalable & immediately available
  • Monthly fixed price
  • Future-proof including hardware replacement in an emergency


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Your workplace as rent

Our service package for you

Stable IT infrastructure


Independent provider selection, advanced technology & automated managed services: A stable IT environment for your company.

  • Highly available company network, just like in a perfectly positioned group with its own IT department.
  • Highest security standards, thanks to automatic updates security scans.
  • Thanks to SD-WAN, applications automatically receive the right bandwidth with a sufficiently high transmission quality.
  • Your IT infrastructure grows with your company: The technology of our partner Cisco Meraki is flexibly scalable.
  • IT infrastructure tailored to your needs
  • Efficiently guaranteed business continuity

Individual managed services

All relevant services from a single source: advice, installation, network operation, monitoring & automated fault clearance.

So that the digital artery in your company always works.

  • Need-based, joint determination of your required managed services, including quick and easy adjustments to changed requirements.
  • Services tailored to your needs
  • With the option of 24/7 monitoring & proactive troubleshooting for critical network structures


Monthly at a fixed price

Tie up investment capital in hardware that is out of date after two to three years? Install, maintain, update IT infrastructure yourself and laboriously compare service providers yourself, if it could be easier?

  • You rent your IT infrastructure cheaply at a fixed monthly price and receive the desired managed services. We'll keep your back free and with full cost control
  • Significant relief in day-to-day business
  • IT expenses that can be calculated monthly
  • Reduced overall costs


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